We are team GreenDubs. Green because we work for the environment, dubs because we started from the University of Washington (Phonetically, its U-Dub). It is the way Huskies Go!

This project and the code repository is also called, Sarjom, the name for the Sal tree in India in the language is "Ho". The western scientific name for the Sal tree is Shorea Robusta.

Sarjom is known to be one of the most collaborative trees in nature and it is said that the Buddha decided to take his final sleep in between the Sal trees.

Our goal is to become the next Wikipedia of citizen science datasets. We need all of you to start collecting data about our environment so that we can get a better understanding of our planet. Our vision is to create sustainable and collaborative technologies for the environment and we want to achieve this vision by driving community action for the environment and climate change with your help.

Most importantly, we want to train the next generation of leaders to develop sustainable technologies for the environment.

We were born out of a novel classroom project that led to independent research credits and a successful capstone project at the University of Washington. Now we want you to join us and branch off our ideas and do what needs to be done across the world. Here is a brief chronological history of our journey till now

  • January 2019 - March 2019
  • March 2019 - August 2019
    • Literature review of digital data Collection methods in Citizen Science
    • Development of a "CitSci heuristic tool" to evaluate digital tools and platforms for effective usability and data management in Citizen Science
  • September 2019 - December 2019
    • 3 Focus group meetings with VNC, COASST & UW Citizen science groups to evaluate their existing data management practices using "CitSci heuristic tool"
  • January 2020 - June 2020
    • Selected to run a Social Entrepreneurship(not-for-profit) Capstone Project at Information School, University of Washington(UW)
    • Awarded $2500 grant from National Science Foundation(NSF)-Innovation Corps(ICorps) administered by UW-Comotion
    • Awarded $600 grant to develop a hardware prototype for citizen science data collection by Burke Entrepreneurship, UW
    • Awarded $6500 grant in AWS credits to develop CitSci-Earth platform by Burke Entrepreneurship, UW
    • Selected in Mozilla Spring MVP Open Lab, Class of 2020, and mentored by Mozilla Fix-the-internet mentor team
    • Lead Researcher, Turam Purty, awarded Faculty award for Excellence at the graduating convocation of Information School, Class of 2020, University of Washington
  • June 2020 - October 2020

We collaborate with a number of faculty and experienced professionals to help us guide different aspects of our work. We would love to collaborate with you and branch out new and innovative ideas for our environment, just like the Sarjom tree.